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Connected site for Construction


Pedro Castaño

The “Connected Site” connects all key players—project managers, ecosystem engineers, suppliers, subcontractors and the customer—to support greater collaboration

There is a wide variety of solutions that enables this concept:

  • BIM solutions: mainly integrates 3D design, costs and planning with on-site operations and maintenance services.

  • IoT platforms: connect workers and assets for tracking and control operations

  • Robotics: automate daily financial and administrative work at site (bank transactions, work permissions...)

  • Analytics and AI: help decision making impacting productivity (including workers, safety, preventing machinery failures...) as well as permit Project Managers and Directors anticipate to Project margin deviations and potential impacts in the P&L of the company.

  • ...

'Connected site' brings an increased productivity, cost efficiency and margin control, as well as introduces a new culture of remote control and collaborative project management, rotating to the future of Construction.

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