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After the pandemic, the companies are restructuring supply chains (demand planning, inventory management, fulfillment forecasting…), reviewing pricing and continue reinventing the physical store and client experience for the digital age. And beyond that, the digital revolution continues reinventing e-commerce, digital marketing, voice commerce, staff-free cashier-less stores, and the selling of digital goods. Retail sector will keep on reinventing the economy, introducing new digital innovations and showing the path for other industries to become faster and generate new experiences to their customers.

Case Study

The Problem

  • European Commission agreed on a budget of almost 2 trillion euros in Funds to support member states on their social and economic recovery

  • In this context and preparing the road ahead, a major textile player was accessing the Next Generation EU funds opportunity across its businesses and geographies

  • The project team had to identify and prioritize potential projects aligned with the client's strategy and geographies funding plans and define the client funds narrative, assessing the sector reference cases on Next Generation EU funds approach and targeted projects

Our Solutions

The joint team defined a pipeline with >100 project clusters (aggregation of similar projects) across 5 Platforms and established a roadmap for Next Gen funds submission

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