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Public Sector

Market forces do not apply the same pressure to automate and transform the public sector as they do for the private sector. But the pandemic has placed the public service at the challenge to ensure the resilient delivery of social services, speeding up relevant changes such as flexible working or collaboration and co-ordination across government bodies, making the future of the public service arrives faster than expected. Digital transformation will enable people to work in highest value activities (impacting different groups in many ways), providing more quality services and more social value.

Case Study

The Problem

  • The European Commission launched an effort to develop a European standard for gas markets, and there was one aspect of gas quality standard that had not yet been defined

  • Some stakeholders had requested the reduction of the standard upper limit , significantly below the existing at the time  upper limit from the Iberian peninsula gas markets, and the Gas Association in Spain requested help to document the rationale that could defened its position in the EU Commission

  • The project team had to identify the arguments that could be leveraged to sustain  the claims and summarise the findings in both a Word document to be sent to the European Commission and a PowerPoint presentation to share the findings with the respective European institutions

Our Solutions

The team delivered a final 45 page report that reviewed all findings and prepared a summary presentation to be shared with institutions and facilitate lobbying activities, as well as participated in several meetings with EU Officials, and eventually the reduction that had been suggested was not implemented

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