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Pharma & Medical Services

In the past, the industry has not been intensive in digital innovation and transformation beyond manufacturing processes, but the pandemic, the growing demand for vaccines, new complexity, inflation, geopolitics, and new ways of working is making Pharma companies reconsider their strategy and operations. Full-scale digital solutions will require heavy investments but are expected to generate significant operational efficiencies in both operations and backoffices, improved quality and company resilience.

Case Study

The Problem

  • The company is a multinational manufacturer of generic pharmaceuticals.

  • The company was challenged to improve the OEE (Overall Equipment Efectiveness) of their factories by implementing new digital technologies across the production lines

  • The project team was asked to design a comprehensive Industry X.0 Plan with a direct relevant impact on the OEE and lately with a measured impact in the P&L of the company

Our Solutions

The project team designed a comprehensive 5 year Industry X.0 Roadmap that combined many digital technologies (Bots, Computer Vision, Data, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud, ...).

The Plan targeted 3% EBITDA and was a key initiitive in their new Strategic Plan.

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