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Healthcare Services

Traditionally behind other sectors in innovation, now some progress is happening motivated in part to the issues discovered during the pandemic, as well as the emerging demand of healthcare services and the shortage of healthcare labor. Contactless, virtual services, telehealth and electronic forms and payments can minimize the number of back-office and front-office staff needed for office appointments. Additionally, the lately cybercrime impacting on critical functions and patients’ care is forcing new investments in technology and transforming the industry.

Case Study

The Problem

  • The client is one of the top Healthcare Service providers in Europe, with a strategic tarjet of inorganic growth through acquisitions.

  • The project team was asked to carry out a strategic analysis about different potential targets to be acquired.

Our Solutions

The project team focused on commercial and economic aspects as well as corporate culture of the target companies which were ultimately key to the company's decisions in its subsequent acquisition steps, strongly reinforcing the shareholders value.

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