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Financial Services

Banking, insurance companies and other incumbents have been many years transforming their customer experience and backoffices through digital technologies, with great success in operational efficiency as well as protecting the existing customer base. But capturing new sources of value is yet a challenge. While rising interest rates in the coming years might provide extra earnings and new fundings to invest in new value growth, it is expected a big competition (and also M&A activity) between incumbents and Tech players including Payment firms. Technology will be at the core of this competition giving differential ability to generate new value to existing and new customers.

Case Study

The Problem

  • Consumer credit entitity had seen its volumes drop dramatically and was 40% below the peak levels, largely driven by a decrease in Personal Loans and Auto credits

  • The client requested support to define a new Auto Marketing Plan and review both the existing Consumer Marketing Plan and the industrialisation plan supporting a cost reduction effort

  • The project team provided an up-to-date assessment of the industrial planin order to hit the 10% efficiency improvement target and also helped in understanding both the clients' requirements and the competitors offering in order to identify existing positioning gaps

Our Solutions

Our client received a clear roadmap for the implementation of the improvement initiatives that could be tracked down and provide results in the short term, without creating conflict with existing operations

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