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Environmental Services

For significant time, Sustainability was part of the debate, but little was actually done. Things have changed recently, and now Companies need to reduce their emissions and improve sustainabiIity across their vaIue chains, moving from ambition to execution and results. There are three main challenges that hold companies back in this transformation: determining where to focus for greatest impact, how to put the right transformation engine in place, and how to fund the journey. Understanding these challenges and applying time-tested principles to address them in a structured, systematic way can help senior leaders start achieving their goals instead of just setting them.

Case Study

The Problem

  • Our client is a large enviromental services provider in charge of urban street cleaning and waste collection activities for large capital cities in Europe.

  • They wanted to leverage digital technologies  to improve service quality, anticipate to cleaning needs and emergencies and speed up reaction time to citizens complaints.

  • This digital inititive pursued  might help them differentiate their value proposition from competitors. 

Our Solutions

AE designed, built and implemented a digital solution combining Bots, Computer Vision, Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Cloud, that enabled an automated interaction between the company and the citizens, prediction of the level of dirtyneess of certain districts, anticipation to emergencies, a 360º vision of the service, high levels of efficiency in the field force and unparallel levels of service quality acchieved, that positions this service provider as pioneer in the industry.

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