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Entertainment & Media

The media and entertainment industry is facing a dramatic shift in media platforms from traditional channels to online mediums. This, together with the changes in behavior from new generations is posing great difficulties for content generators to keep attention from espectators. Social media adds further complexity to the equation and the apparition of the metaverse will only fuel further the changes that the industry will experiment.

Case Study

The Problem

  • Iberian media conglomerate was going through a reduction ins subscribers and wanted to revisit its value proposition and establish a credible strategic plan for the following years

  • Piracy levels within the sports environment were on the rise and package definitions had to be analyzed

  • The project team was asked to gather inputs from all the conglomerate areas in order to provide best way forward in a financially sustainable way 


Our Solutions

The new strategic plan segmented the customers differently trying to improve the overall ARPU, identified partners with whom it was possible to provide bundled services and established the plan for the following 5 years

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