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The energy triIemma is an old discussion in the energy sector. Since the first oil crisis, companies, academia and politicians have assumed that there is always some trade off when baIancing the three goaIs of ensuring a secure and reliable energy supply, at an affordable cost, with minimal environmental impact. But the redoubling of global ambition on climate change at COP26, followed by macroeconomic developments, makes the challenge even greater, as the prices of energy and other commodities surge across the globe. In short, we are at an energy inflection point. Business and government must develop new strategies to ensure that the pursuit of critical energy goals remains on track

Case Study

The Problem

  • International oil player wanted to position itself within the Connected Energy space, and had initial thoughts on the type of customers it wanted to focus on

  • However, previous trials had not proven succesful and was looking for external support to structure the work and bring in new ideas

  • AE was able to illustrate the client team with a wealth of new business models arising across the world in the Connected Energy space and channel the efforts to identify those most suitable for our client 

Our Solutions

The project team defined three value propositions to bring to the market within 2 years of the project finalization and designed the roadmap to make it feasible. One of the ventures was up and running within 6 weeks, positioning our client as an innovative player in the B2C renewables arena

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