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The beginning of the 5G era presents different challenges and opportunities, such as Competitive broadband markets, new business models for service providers offering bundled services, flexibility of consumers in purchasing and consuming services (high-quality communication and internet services from telecom, cable, wireless, and satellite internet providers), a more demanding cybersecurity and risk management around 5G, Blockchain as potential solution for trust, transparency and data synchronization across the supply chain, and Edge-computing that brings data collection, processing, storage, and analytics capabilities closer to the network equipment.

Case Study

The Problem

  • Large utility was facing decreasing revenues in its regulated business and was looking for new sources of income

  • Previous attempts to identify pockets of value had been unsatisfying and there was internal resistance to change

  • The project team researched innovative business models and assessed the companies strengths to propose viable alternatives, and structured several workshops to decide on the best roadmap. The Communications sector was indentified as one of the most relevant targets.

Our Solutions

Our client was able to identify the potential of transmission and distribution tower for 5G communications, reached out to potential partners and evaluated tariffs that could be charged for the service

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