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Aerospace & Defense

Experimenting operational and labor challenges in the pandemic and now ongoing turbulence in global economies as well as a big push due to current geopolitical issues, this market is expecting annual growth of above a 10% over the next 5 years. Main challenges in this market are how to rapidly adopt Industry 4.0 (smart products manufactured by digital factories, enabled by digital thread, digital workforce, big data and artificial intelligence), innovation in military capabilities, emerging democratization of the space market and the more and more demanding decarbonization.

Case Study

The Problem

  • Major Aerospace manufacturer wanted to improve the performance of one of it's core Tier 1 suppliers in Southern Europe

  • The team had to collect and review existing OEM analyses and documentation on the  Programme Management, Engineering, Manufacturing and Supply chain (Tier 2 suppliers) management areas. Additionally, sites were visited and interviews conducted to prepare initial diagnostic workshops

  • Upon validation of the diagnostic, several improvement levers were defined and a proposal for a transformation plan was prepared

Our Solutions

A full Transformation Plan
was prepared for the Tier 1 supplier, including detailed content for all work streams content (agreed project charters) and time-phase articulation (planning). The Tier 1 supplier executive team commited the targets and ensure resource needs were covered.

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