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As the traveI sector gradually recovers from the COVID crisis, cruise Iines, hoteI chains and airIines face unprecedented uncertainty and volatility for the coming years, aware that the past is a good indication of what could happen again. These companies can improve their abiIity to sense subtIe changes in demand and position themselves accordingly. WiII business traveI, for example, ever fuIly return? AdditionaIly, Ieaders in the industry, especialIy airIine and cruise Iine executives, are facing significant demands to forcefully address climate change.

Case Study

The Problem

  • An investment fund wanted to bid for the acquisition of a very attractive hotel chain for its portfolio, but it needed to include in its offer a differential and comprehensive Digital Transformation Plan that could reinforce the sustainability and business growth of the hotel chain to be acquired.

  • AE was asked to design the Plan to be included in the offer.

Our Solutions

AE designed a very innovated Digital Transformation Plan, detailing and demonstrating how the different combination of technologies formed tangible business projects (such as boost customer experience, smart operations, connected service, digital culture...), and then how each business project could impact the Business Plan for the acquisition and P&L of the hotel chain in the coming years.

The offer was differential in innovation, commercial and business robustness.

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